Cerep provides services in pharmacology, in molecular biology and lead development, in toxicology, metabolism and bio-availability, in combinatorial and computational chemistry, HTS, HTP, HTLD.

cerep is recognized as the partner of choice for drug discovery and development by pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world. Through its laboratory located near Poitiers (France), Cerep provides services in molecular and cellular pharmacology. Additional services in molecular biology and pharmaceutical profiling are now available from its state-of-the art laboratory in Redmond (Washington, USA).

cerep provides scientific studies developed and tailored to the requirements of the Industry. The purpose of these studies is to contribute to the selection and development of new molecules or to the evaluation of existing drugs.

BioPrint™ is a powerful tool for drug discovery. BioPrint™ consists of a proprietary database, predictive models and software tools for data visualization, analysis and searching. The BioPrint™ Database is used to generate predictive models based on correlations between molecular features and patterns of biological activity.